The Hunt…

It almost feels endless. Diving through adverts… Attending interviews, building experience, attending more interviews, filling out forms and repeating the cycles as many times as it takes.

I’m talking about job hunting. Finding a place where you can work and make an income. In this day and age it’s hard to do. People spend thousands and get into debt to gain an education then have trouble finding a place to use it. The flip side of this is there are people who get the experience and have the skills but lack the education so suffer because of a lack of a simple piece of paper.

I’d say from personal experience eight out of ten times its down to who you know with a little of what you know. Take my recent job opportunity.

Simple enough a bar job… bar tending is something I have plenty of experience in.
it’s not hard. All you really have to do is listen, pay attention and learn a few combinations. Of course there’s the people pleasing aspect to it.

Two shifts in and I’m flying. After two years away from behind a tap I’m falling into action like i was never away. It just so happens there’s another new starter with me. He’s French his English is so/so and his bar skills are lacking if I’m polite about it. Now this guy seems ok. He asks me for a few pointers and I’m happy to help. How to pour a pint of Guinness. What makes up a JagerBomb? Simple things that a first timer may not know. Everything is going well.

Fast forward to today. After receiving a call that the shifts were ready for the next week I see my manager. He politely informs me that he’s decided not to hire me. Now this is news to me, only the other night we was sitting down filling out employment papers, he’s patting me on the back and telling me he can see promotions coming up for me and I’d make a great manager. Now this.
I ask him why he has a simple answer… “I feel your too bossy” Again this is news to me. Not once did I give an order, ask someone to do something or in any way push myself into control of a situation.

Then it hits me. I remember my manager talking about making a mistake having two trial shifts at the same time on my first night. Also the last shift where French guy and Mr Manager were too close for people that have supposedly just met, talking about common friends. Lastly the fact Frenchy was looking for full time work and there were only enough hours for two part timers or one full timer.

Looks like I’m on the job hunt again.


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