So Saturdays are meant to be Sexy… Looking at this blog series I can see that. My personal favourite is still the wonder woman outfit though. I will all ways be a comic book geek.
Be warned these posts are torture for single men everywhere.

Dirty Little Whispers

This weeks theme was chosen by myself; Lingerie

Please feel free to suggest themes!


This week I bought a balconette bra. It’s something I would never buy. It’s lacy and not padded. None. Nothing. Nips out.

I hate my boobs. With a passion. Everyone in my family has big tits. Apart from me.

So I’m gonna post this, so when I’m old and wrinkly I can look back and be like oh, I wan’t that bad actually. When their big tits start to sag to their ankles, I think I’ll feel a bit better about my itsy bitsy ones. For now, still hate them.

Oh, I’ll give you a tip too. If you every get your belly button pierced.. make sure they pierce it straight! Mines wonky, adds character 😉

Your Sexy Saturdays!

Sexy Bee!

Next weeks themeis; Favourite knickers!

You all know what knickers are right? If anyone…

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