Asking me to show my Creativity…. Is Like asking me to spill my Soul to a group of strangers

A rough Guide to the presentation I made for uni…

The brief was to show my creativity… I blew it… But figured i’d leave my notes on show.

So… Here i am again…. More Prepared…. More Focused… Unfiltered … and not taking no for an answer…

Mixcloud mix Last time i was here i showed a mix from an old gig, this was something i felt i brushed over too briefly. this time i’d like to elaborate on a point i was trying to make… Music inspires me to try to build something unexpected out of the over listened. things people have heard again and agin can be modified to create something completely new… or something completely unexpected. For example songs you wouldn’t always associate from the same genre can go together or hop boundary’s its all about the right timing and positioning.

1980’s influenced room design..

I spent a week working in a friends house after he asked me to help him move during that time we decided to re decorate the room he was moving into.. i came up with an idea to use his favorite era as a base for a room that he could enjoy.

He’s a huge 80’s fan so i decided to use the era as a base for all concepts… my research lead me here…

Ettore Sottsass organized a meeting with designers and formed a design collaborative named Memphis . The name was taken after the Bob Dylan song Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again which had been played repeatedly throughout the evening’s meeting. They drew inspiration from such movements as Art Deco and Pop Art including styles such as the 1950s Kitsch and futuristic themes.

The group produced and exhibited furniture and design objects, annually between 1981 to 1988. The result was a highly acclaimed debut at the 1981 Salone del Mobile of Milan, the world’s most prestigious furniture NEWY fair.

The group counted among its members Alessandro MendiniMartine BedinAndrea BranziAldo CibicMichele de LucchiNathalie du PasquierMichael GravesHans HolleinArata Isozaki,Shiro KuramataMatteo ThunJavier MariscalGeorge SowdenMarco Zanini, and the journalist Barbara Radice.

Sottsass left the movement in 1985 and it dismantled in 1988.

This and old 80’s film and TV shows is what i used to create a room he has GROWN to enjoy.


The idea to write this script was triggered by a mistake i made in applying to SCA. funnily enough the project ONE Day that you ran last year was what i was working towards and this triggered a whole cast of ideas that i could write. it started off as interactions from my own perspective and as i realised that the project was no longer running became more fleshed out into a  black comedy for comic book fans and people with influences like Joss wedon and who grew up with 80’s cartoons. The script contains lots of  references to internet memes and comic book and sci-fi jargon only people interested in these categorys would really get.

The idea is to film them as five min Shorts and up load them onto a youtube channel and build a following from there. Though it has to be said its more about building an idea than gaining fans and exposure.


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